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RAMCIP in the Hannover Messe

RAMCIP project participated in the Hannover Messe technological exhibition that took place at Hannover, Germany during April , 23-27, 2018. The robot was accompanied at the exhibition by the technical partners ACCREA, SHADOW and CERTH. During the fair, the RAMCIP robot has been exhibited along with videos from all the use cases during the pilot trials.  Dedicated demos and communication sessions have been organized where the full functionalities of the robot have been presented and the attendees had the opportunity to experience real human robot interaction. The visitors could play cognitive training games through the robot’s communication interfaces, while also the robot brought to the visitors a bottle of water on their demand.

The RAMCIP attracted the interest of a great amount of attendees which were delighted to have real human-robot interaction during the robot demonstration. They commended the robot as “extremely useful” and provided feedback to the technical partners. The RAMCIP stand raised the attention from several technological stakeholders in the field of robotics where important discussions about the robot’s exploitable products took place.  The videos shown below exhibit the RAMCIP robot interaction demos with the visitors.