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The RAMCIP work of the Information Technologies Institute / Centre for Research and Technologies Hellas (CERTH/ITI), entitled “Robot’s Workspace Enhancement with Dynamic Human Presence for Socially-aware Navigation”, authored by I. Kostavelis, A. Kargakos, D. Giakoumis and D. Tzovaras, won the Best Paper Award of the 11th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems (ICVS 2017), which was held in Shenzhen, China, on July 10-13 2017.


RAMCIP participated in this year’s ICRA conference, which was held in Singapore on May 29-June 3 2017, through an invited speech on the project and its robot, within the conference’s Industry Forum. The speech entitled “The RAMCIP project; developing a service robot for MCI patients at home”, was given by Dr. Dimitrios Giakoumis, Senior Research Associate at CERTH and Quality Assurance Manager of the RAMCIP project.


The RAMCIP project was presented in the Nationwide Scientific Conference "Science according to young scientist" in Lodz (Poland) on 10.06.2017. Over 100 participants (students, PhD candidates, PhDs) from Polish universities have participated in conference to present the findings of their research. There were three plenary sessions given in paralel: Engineering, Biology and Medical Science, Law, Economics and Social Science.


The RAMCIP Project was presented in the International Council of nurses Congress 2017 held in Barcelona, Spain from 27 May-01 June about “Nurses at the forefront transforming care”. More than 8.000 nurses from 150 countries have participated to bring together global strategies, projects and research aimed to obtain sustainable development worldwide. Leadership and empowerment of nurses has been a common denominator in the presentations and plenary sessions, to increase their presence in the political decisions and company’s management.