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Concept and Approach

RAMCIP will follow an inter-disciplinary approach in studying a series of aspects ruling Human-Robot and Robot-Environment Interaction in ambient assisted living environments, toward advancing the way that service robots coexist with their human, not only as assistive computer-based servants capable of obeying commands, but as true companions, living and evolving along with the human, toward advancing Human-Robot Interaction of the present into Human-Robot Coexistence of the future.

The proposed system’s core will be an autonomously moving service robot with an on-board touch screen and a dexterous robotic hand and arm. Following the paradigm of relevant research projects, the robot of RAMCIP will first of all build upon existing knowledge so as to include advanced versions of features already researched and developed in the past, such as entertainment functions with emphasis on enhancing the physical and cognitive state of older and early MCI persons, providing also access to social media and telepresence-based communication with relatives, friends or caregivers, as well as basic assistive functionalities such as bringing objects to the user and picking up objects from the floor. Having features like the above as a starting point and a thorough investigation of user needs as a basis, the project will aim to advance the state of art in domestic service robotics.