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RAMCIP at the 2018 International conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018)

RAMCIP at the 2018 International conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018)

RAMCIP participated in this year’s IROS conference, which was held in Madrid, Spain, on October 1-5, 2018, through a RAMCIP booth at the IROS 2018 exhibition space, as well as a video paper presented during the conference’s technical program.

The RAMCIP booth at IROS 2018 gave us the opportunity to present the conference audience with some of the final modules that have been developed for the RAMCIP project. Further to this hands-on experience, a rolling video showed results from the project’s pilot trials, with the RAMCIP robot performing in actual patient homes.

The video paper of RAMCIP in IROS 2018, presented the robot performing the target use cases during the pilot trials period. The paper, entitled “RAMCIP – A service robot for MCI patients at home” was authored by Georgia Peleka (1) , Andreas Kargakos (1) , Evangelos Skartados (1) , Ioannis Kostavelis (1) , Dimitrios Giakoumis (1) , Iason Sarantopoulos (2) , Zoe Doulgeri (2) , Michalis Foukarakis (3) , Margherita Antona (3) , Sandra Hirche (4) , Emannuele Ruffaldi (5) , Bartlomiej Stanczyk (6) , Anastasios Zompas (7) , Joan Hernández-Farigola (8) , Natalia Roberto (8) , Konrad Rejdak (9) , Dimitrios Tzovaras (1), of CERTH-ITI (1) , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2), FORTH-ICS (3), TUM (4), Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (5), ACCREA (6), Shadow Robot Company (7), ACE (8), and Department of Neurology, Medical University of Lublin (9) respectively. The paper was presented in IROS by I. Kostavelis and D. Tzovaras of CERTH-ITI.

The abstract of the RAMCIP IROS video paper follows: 

This video features RAMCIP, a new service robot developed to provide proactive and discreet assistance to elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI), supporting their daily activities at home. Starting with a thorough analysis of needs and requirements of the target population, the RAMCIP robot was developed as an integrated ensemble of advanced H/W and S/W components, realizing the robot skills of perception, cognition, safe navigation, grasping, manipulation, and human-robot communication, ample to operate in real, rather challenging domestic environments. The RAMCIP use-cases include proactive assistance provision to user’s cooking, eating and medication activities, through discreet user monitoring and robot interventions by reminders and robotic manipulations., RAMCIP can bring the medicine, recognize fallen objects and electric appliance that has been forgotten turned on. It also recognizes the user walking in low-light conditions and turns on the light, as well as detects cases of emergency such as a fall. The robot provides also the user with cognitive training games and stimulates the user to contact with relatives through video-calls. Pilot trials of the RAMCIP robot have been performed in real homes of more than ten different users, in Barcelona, Spain; the video at hand exhibits the robot performing the target use cases.