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RAMCIP at the Responsible Research and Innovation – ICT 2015 workshop

RAMCIP at the Responsible Research and Innovation – ICT 2015 workshop

Fundacio ACE represented the RAMCIP consortium at the Responsible Research Innovation-ICT 2015 workshop, which was held in Brussels, on the 8-9th of July 2015. The workshop was a European Commission DG Connect initiative together with the RRI-ICT Forum Project.

This event kicked off the launch of the RRI-SSH (Responsible Research and Innovation – Social Sciences and Humanities) approach among ICT-related H2020 projects while introducing and giving life to the ICT-related RRI-SSH ecosystem, linking all the different parties of this ecosystem, and kick-starting the discussions about how to enact a responsible approach in ICT-related research & innovation. The event was designed to facilitate interaction between participants and their active participation in the discussions, involving them among working groups to consider ideas and share knowledge and experiences.

Dr. Antoni Gelonch from Fundacio ACE, who has been nominated as the “RRI reference person” of the RAMCIP project, shared in the RRI-ICT event the RAMCIP experience of involving MCI and early AD patients in the scope of analysing the respective users’ needs and expectations from service robots in their assisted living environments. The RAMCIP project is dedicated to follow a User Centred Design approach, placing the target end users in the centre of its Research and Development efforts, maintaining a clear focus on the needs and expectations of RAMCIP robot end users throughout the project’s duration, to ensure that the final result will be in line with their needs.

More information about the workshop can be found at the website of the RRI-ICT 2015 event.