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The RAMCIP Vision

According to the RAMCIP vision, future service robots for the assisted living environments of MCI and AD persons should be capable of providing safe, proactive and discreet assistance in a series of significant aspects of the user’s daily life, ranging from food preparation, eating and dressing activities to managing the home and keeping it safe, both for the user and other persons, e.g. grandchildren, while at the same time, the robot should assist the user to maintain positive affect and also exercise cognitive and physical skills. It should be underlined that although for the latter, the focus of assisted living robot companions has so far been in initiating and managing specific physical or cognitive training interventions, the RAMCIP project foresees future robots to have this capacity embedded in their daily behaviour; i.e. providing such exercise subtly, by modifying the way they assist.

Working toward addressing the question of how a service robot can realize the above, the RAMCIP project will research and develop a service robot that will first of all have advanced high-level cognitive functions. These functions will be driven by thorough modelling and monitoring of the home environment, the user and other co-located persons, allowing the robot to take optimal decision regarding when and how to provide assistance, in a proactive and discreet way. Assistance provision will also be driven by enabling the robot to understand user commands and affect, through multimodal, adaptive and empathic HR communication channels.

graphical illustration of the project vision