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What is RAMCIP?

The project RAMCIP -Robotic Assistant for MCI Patients at home- is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project, under the grant agreement no: 643433. The project started on the 1st of January 2015 and will last for 36 months.

RAMCIP aims to research and develop real robotic solutions for assistive robotics for the elderly and those suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairments and dementia. This is a key step to developing a wide range of assistive technologies. We will adopt existing technologies from the robotics community, fuse those with user-centred design activities and practical validation, with aim to create a step-change in robotics for assisted living.

The partners involved in the RAMCIP project range from experienced medical technologists through to SMEs developing cutting-edge robotics. They have come together with the common goal of enabling a new generation of assistive technology, drawing on both their extensive experience and the enabling effects of European support. The work of the project is specific, focussed, deliverable, and will advance the state-of-the-art in a measurable way. The partners have identified routes to market for the project output, and economic models that offer us great confidence that we can create a system of real, concrete impact on one of Europe’s key societal challenges.